mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010

Blaise Pascal for dummies

"I don't understand why the evolutionists get so upset because Christians believe in a Creator God. Do they feel threatened by our beliefs? If so, why?

"A true Christian respects your choice to not believe, why don't you respect our choice to believe? Can't we disagree without being disagreeable?

"I'd rather live my life believing there is a God, then die to find there is not, than to live as though there is not a God, and die to discover there really is."

--Commento numero 429 di questa (bellissima) pagina.

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  1. Ma giusto per rimetterci un po' in equilibrio, ecco il commento numero 444 (toh, strano, non è il numero 666) :
    Oh here we go again, someone posts images of the world on the Internet and it (of course) descends into another evolution vs. creation mud slinging contest.

    Creationalists: you are entitled to your opinions and beliefs, but to those of you who insist on using these blogs as platforms to preach to the rest of us please do us all a favour crawl back into the cave in which you came from, your fairy tale bible brainwashed rants are ridiculous and annoying. Hopefully mankind will move on one day!

    Oh and of course my regards to Mr Darwin on his bicentennial year, I'm sure he would have loved these images as much as the rest of us, they are truly spectacular.

  2. Non male anche questo.