lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Felicità è trovare al mercatino dell'usato l'edizione Penguin di un libro di Elmore Leonard e pagarla un euro

"Tommy's a Zip. You know what I mean? One of those guys they used to import from Sicily to handle the rough stuff. Guy could be a peasant right out of the fucking Middle Ages, looks around and he's in Miami Beach. Can't believe it. They hand the Zip a gun and say, 'There, that guy.' And the Zip takes him out. You understand? They import the kind of guy likes to shoot. He's got no priors here; nobody gives a shit if he gets picked up, convicted, put away. If he does, you send for another Zip. Guy comes over from Sicily, he's got on a black suit, shirt buttoned up, no tie, and a cap sitting on top of his head. That was Tommy Buck ten, twelve years ago when he was Tomasino Bitonti."

[Elmore Leonard, Pronto, Londra, Penguin 1993, p.12]

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