domenica 31 gennaio 2016


La più utile e interessante pagina Wikipedia
che io abbia mai letto:

List of common misconceptions.


"Eating less than an hour before swimming does
not increase the risk of experiencing muscle cramps
or drowning. One study shows a correlation between
alcohol consumption and drowning, but there is no
evidence cited regarding stomach cramps or the
consumption of food."


Water-induced wrinkles are not caused by the skin
absorbing water and swelling.[283] They are caused
by the autonomic nervous system, which triggers
localized vasoconstriction in response to wet skin,
yielding a wrinkled appearance. This may have evolved
because it gives ancestral primates a better grip in slippery,
wet environment, but a 2014 study showed no
improvement in handling wet objects with wrinkled fingertips."

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